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iTuft machine


New Industry Standard

Tuftco’s iTuftTM operating platform combines our user – friendly 64 bit windows based operator interface with an advanced, patented servo yarn feed pattern attachment that is setting new industry standards.

iTuft Attachment is available in multiple configurations:

iTuftTM Individual Tuft

Single end with individual yarn end control for Full Repeat patterning

U.S. Patent #’s 6,283,053 – 6,439,141 – 6,502,521 – 6,508,185 – 6,877,449,7,089,874 & Other Patents Applied For

iTuftTM 2E

Two end yarn control for Dual Repeat patterning with dual repeat tube bank.

U.S. Patent #’s 6,550,407 – 6,877,447 – 6,945,184 – 7,089,874 & Other Patents Applied For

iTuftTM 4E

provides four pattern repeats across the tufting width

U.S. Patent #’s 6,244,203 – 6,516,734 – 6,877,449 – 7,089,874 & Other Patents Applied For

Features &


Production speeds of 2,200 rpms.


64 bit Windows Operating System


Solid State Drive PC included with air conditioned Industrial Control Cabinet


Create precise textured patterns, geometrics, or brushstroke shaded patterns.


Easily accessible 4-Pack cartridges house motors & controllers.


Dual Wrap configuration & Double Drive roll arrangement.


Yarn Feed Rolls engineered for maximum yarn control which means No Slippage.


Yarn splices & knots pass through unhindered.

iTron machine


Woven Rugs & Carpets.

Unique new tufting technology that produces soft floor covering preferable to woven rugs and carpets.

iTron’s versatile platform is driven by:

  • Programmable and variable gauge
  • Programmable and variable shifting
  • Programmable and variable stitch rate
  • Hollow needle technology
  • Higher Productivity than weaving
  • Utilizes a conventional tufting creel

Efficient yarn usage:

  • No buried ends
  • No excess yarn incorporated into the fabric or laid on the back
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Hollow Needle Technology

iTron hollow needle technology features iTuft – Individual servo yarn feed, Multiple yarns per needle with capability of tufting up to 12 colors Cut/Loop.

Available Configurations

  • Sewing widths from 42″ up to 204″
  • Cut pile construction
  • Cut loop construction
Tuftco Level Cut Loop attachment

Tuftco Level Cut Loop

Woven Rugs & Carpets.

Tuftco’s Level cut loop system replaces mechanical spring based systems with a novel pneumatic drive eliminating spring fatigue and wear.
U.S. Patent Numbers: 6,550,407, 6,877,447, 6,945,184, 7,089,874 & Other Patents applied for

  • Multiple gauges available
  • Full repeat pattern capability
  • Optional iTuft pattern attachment available which allows
  • Multi level cut loop (MLCL) carpets
  • Double density tufting
  • Optional servo shifting needle bar
Direct Drive High Speed attachment

Direct Drive High Speed (DDHS)

Woven Rugs & Carpets.

  • Speeds of up to 2,200 RPM’s
  • Significantly fewer parts than previous high speed machines
  • Up to 24,000 square yards of production a day
  • Active Vibration Cancellation System for optimum balance
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Active Vibration Cancellation System (DDHP - SHAKER)

DDHP is tufting technology for high pile turf & shag tufting machines at speeds of 800 rpm’s @ 60-mm which is 33% more productivity than other turf machines. The pile height range is expanded from 20mm-75+mm.

  • Speeds up to 800 rpm’s
  • Pile Heights from 70+mm to 75+mm
  • Significantly fewer parts than previous high speed machines

Super Southern V HP (SSVHP)

Super Southern V HP Turf Tufter is for tufting high pile turf for sports and landscaping. It has an easy and convenient 2-point needle stroke adjustment to facilitate pile height range 20mm to 70+ mm.

  • Pile height range 70+mm to 75+ mm.
  • Convenient 2-point needle stroke adjustment accessed in the end legs for quick stroke change
  • Optional: Servo driven cloth feed rolls