Artificial Grass & Shag

Active Vibration Cancellation System (DDHP - SHAKER)

DDHP is tufting technology for high pile turf & shag tufting machines at speeds of 800 rpm’s @ 60-mm which is 33% more productivity than other turf machines. The pile height range is expanded from 20mm-75mm.

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iTuft machine

Agility HP

Agility Quick Change Needle Drive System with Turf Tufter is for tufting high pile turf for sports and landscaping. It has an easy and convenient 2-point needle stroke adjustment to facilitate pile height range 20 mm to 75 mm.

  • Pile height range 20 mm to 75 mm.
  • Convenient 2-point needle stroke adjustment accessed in the end legs for quick stroke change
  • Optional: Servo driven cloth feed rolls