iTron machine

Design Solutions

Tuftco's Training Center

The Design Center is Tuftco’s state of the art testing center and scaled tufting manufacturing plant.  Here, each of our major tufting technology platforms are available and can reproduce virtually any design or pattern.  The Design Center is provided exclusively for our customers to test drive Tuftco Technology.  Our innovative equipment coupled with your design ingenuity can open your eyes to the creative possibilities.  Samples produced in the Design Center can be invaluable for test marketing, customer presentations, or business investment discussions.

Design Solutions & Support

Private Offices

Customers are afforded private offices in the Design Center complete with internet access, a dedicated experienced tufting technician, and a suite of industry recognized design tools. Tuftco also has experienced carpet designers available for consultation to assist in the creation of proprietary products for our customers.

Marketing Center

The company’s extensive marketing center and showroom allows customers to examine hundreds of carpet styles and constructions to ascertain what applications and machines may be best for the particular market they are attempting to serve. New styles and techniques are constantly being developed as market tastes are constantly changing.

Tufting Training Program

Tuftco offers a formal training program for customers that is designed to assist tufting supervisors, mechanics, fixers, electricians, and maintenance personnel in understanding and operating Tuftco equipment. Course work includes classroom instruction as well as “hands on” experience including basic operating systems, pattern systems, and preventive maintenance.