Tuftco Finishing Systems (TFSI) is the industry leader in auxiliary equipment for soft flooring manufacturing.  Providing both standard and custom machinery, our engineers and designers have developed equipment solutions for both market leaders and niche players alike.  Whether you need help with accumulation or roll up, pattern straightening, heat recovery systems, latex applications, or maybe even zero waste topical treatment applicators….. Tuftco Finishing can show you the way.

  • Butt Seamer
  • Unroll Cradle
  • Entrance J-Box
  • Beater & Lint Vacuum
  • Steam Boxes & Pile Lay Blades
  • Pre-conditioning Drums
  • Bow/Skew (Pattern Straightening)
  • Pre-tenter
  • Direct Latex Applicators – Single & Dual Station
  • Marriage Rolls
  • Laminating Station
  • Exit Draw Rolls
  • Selvage Trimmers
  • Selvage Removal Systems
  • Accumulators
  • Roll Guiding Systems
  • Roll-Ups

Auxiliary Equipment

fting machine accumulator


Specifications & Features

  • Revolutionary driven carriage accumulator.
  • Maintains proper tension throughout accumulator.
  • Eliminates wrinkles in carpet throughout accumulator.
  • Carriage drive motor serves as brake, eliminating messy hydraulics.
  • Load cells mounted on carriage for tension/speed trim.
  • Heavy duty chain driven carriage suspension system.
  • Controller monitors speed in, speed out to calculate proper carriage speed and direction and uses load cells for trim adjustment.
  • Available on new accumulators or as a retrofit to existing accumulators.
  • Includes drive motors, controller, and complete control console.
  • Manufactured in different capacity levels, up to four hundred (400) feet. (Maximum Height 19′ – 6″)

Topical Foam Applicator

Applies foamed topical solutions to carpet face yarn with excellent penetration to the pile.

Furnished with cylindrical type static blending unit with in-line bypass valve and back wash system.

Accurate application in the range of eight (8) – twenty (20) % of fabric face weight.

Manufactured for variable fabric widths up to five (5) meters.

Excellent weight distribution of solution across width of fabric.

Manual or programmable control panel for trouble free operation.

Eliminates waste – 100% chemical usage/consumption

Environmentally safe, eliminates usage of spray systems.

Static blending allows usage of any fluorocarbon chemical which can be frothed.

Used on coating lines or wet goods drying lines.

Applicator station complete with pile edge detectors.

Positive displacement variable speed solution pump.

Latex Applicator Machine

Direct Coat Latex Applicator

  • Accurate roll over roll latex application.
  • Single or tandem units up to 5 meters in width.
  • Counterbalancing top gauge roll.
  • Optional drive for top and bottom rolls.
  • Pile sensors operating latex salvage shields.
  • Low maintenance design for shield guides and traverse.’
  • Optional: Laser gap measurement and indication unit.


Specifications & Features

Inclined Pull-Table designed with large diameter rollers to assure positive feed from accumulator to Roll-up system.
Proportional center guide system.
Auto-measure system with 72″ circumference wheel (Tungsten coated or pinned wheel) and hold-down wheel.
Dual blade sheer type cross cutter for bi-directional cutting capabilities, longer blade life and reduced pulls and fraying.
Laser guide line projected on carpet for seam cut-out, eliminates excessive waste.
Large 2 bundle capacity core hoppers.
Automatic core centering prior to roll-up head placement.
Roll-up system with large 14″ diameter rollers with chemically bonded aggregate coating to ensure positive grip on even the largest carpet rolls and oversized machined roller journals to eliminate lateral movement of the rollers.
No hydraulics.
Auto roll-start system.
Auto/manual cycle selectable.
Uses 4″ ID x 3/16″ wall cores.
AC Inverter Drives with dynamic braking.
Roll cycle time approximately under 60 seconds.
Operating successfully on 225 FPM coating ranges.
Roll-up head speeds 600+ feet per minute.
6″ to 52″ diameter rolls.
Widths up to 5 meters (custom widths available).

Optional Features

Pop-up/roll-up transfer conveyor system.
Full width wrapping stations.
Sortation and distribution conveyor systems.
Seam and scrap removal system to deliver cutout to dumpster along side of machine.
Patented core flap application system to protect the leading edge of carpet rolls and hold core in position.
Pile-in/Pile-out selectable.
Core handling system to lock the core and carpet roll into the roll-up while in high-speed operation. Eliminates rolls shifting on head.
Auto tape dispensers.
One, two or three core dispensers available for multiple length cores.
mixing storage example

Compounding, Mixing & Storage

Tuftco Finishing Systems (TFSI) designs and builds systems to compound, mix, store, meter and dispense latex, PVC, polyurethane, topical treatments and other chemicals.

mixing storage examplemixing storage example

Warehouse & Distribution

Tuftco Finishing Systems (TFSI) designs and builds high quality and high speed roll good handling systems.  These highly customizable solutions are engineered for 24 hours per day, 7 days per week of continuous use.  The equipment is computer controlled with high output speeds to keep up with the busiest mill environment.  Our cut order systems precisely meter out, measure and cut yardage to fill your customer’s orders.  Reroll, wrap and roll removal are available options.

auxiliary equipment examplefinishing equipment example