Yarn Delivery Equipment

Technituft yarn delivery system


Yarn Delivery Systems

Technituft produces both custom and standard raw material supply systems that smoothly and efficiently deliver many different yarn types for applications in tufting and warping.

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High Efficiency Creels

Bolt Together Creels

Custom Design Standard & High Efficiency Creels

Warper Creels

Technituft also offers single and double deck warper creels made to customer specifications.

  • Beam diameters 28″ to 40″.
  • Plate type end frames with formatted sheet metal enclosures.
  • 34″ diameter with molded rubber covering, ground true, dynamically & statically balanced for high speed operations.
  • Stop motion (Drop wire type – 120 ends standard).
  • Emergency Stop (E-stop).
  • Push button control for lift arms up/down.
  • Start/Stop for main drive.
  • Speed control & digital indication.
  • Preset counter with digital display for yards/meters.
  • Dual operator controls (Each side).
  • Electrically interlocked safety bar prevents operation until in the operating position.
  • Designed to customers voltage specifications.
  • Up to 15hp variable speed thru frequency inverter with dynamic braking and heavy-duty air operated drum brake.
  • Drum speeds to 1100 ypm surface speed.
  • Adjustable acceleration deceleration.

With speeds up to 1000 rpm, the Technituft warper has a soft start control, 15 horsepower motor and lift roller arms. This warper can handle up to 100, 120, or 140 yarns. It comes with an aluminum angle yarn guide, comb box, and safety guard.